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Learn about the rules of Gasparina Village. Here you’ll find useful information regarding your stay on Lake Garda.

1 - For accessing and staying at the Village, registration is mandatory for every single person. On arrival, Guests shall deposit a valid identity document, check the correctness of their registration and notify any mistake or amendment; they will be given an access card to the village to be shown on staff’s request.
2 - Payments can be made even the day before the departure. Payment receipt shall be shown when exiting the village. Payments with credit cards will not be accepted.
3 - Visits to the Village are allowed ONLY upon prior consent by the Management.
4 - Pets are not admitted.
5 - Cycling is allowed ONLY along the circuit outside the Village.
6 - OFFICE HOURS: information - Hours: from 8 am to 9 pm
7 - From 11 pm to 7 am and from 1 pm to 3 pm the utmost silence is required. Hearing aids shall be ALWAYS kept at a low volume.
8 - While guaranteeing a constant surveillance of the Village, the Management takes no responsibility for any loss or theft.
10 - The Management cannot be held accountable for acts of vandalism, injures due to external causes and damages to persons or objects provoked by natural disasters.
11 - It is strictly forbidden damaging plants or Village’s equipment.
12 - Garbages MUST be deposited in the appropriate containers situated near the indoor parking.
13 - Minors are admitted only if accompanied by parents or adult parents. Children must always be followed when using the equipment. Parents are directly responsible of their own sons’ actions.
14 - Every infectious disease must be immediately reported to the Management.
15 - Properties found inside the Village shall be handed to the Public Safety Authorities or the Village Management so as to return them to the rightful owner.
16 - Any complaint regarding other guests’ behaviours shall be reported to the Management which will take the necessary measures. IT IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO TAKE JUSTICE INTO ONE’S HANDS. The Management will expel whoever will commit acts of vandalism, disturbances or breaches of the rules.
17 - POOL OPENING HOURS: from 09.00 to 19.00. The swimming pool shall be accessed without shoes or "slippers", with swim cap and only during fixed hours. THE MANAGEMENT WILL TAKE NO LIABILITY SHOULD THIS BAN BE NOT RESPECTED.
18 - Loungers and umbrellas are to be used EXCLUSIVELY in the pool. Guests are therefore required to not bring them to their apartments.
19 - At the time of departure, guests are requested to wash crockery and to NOT leave garbages within the apartments but throw them into the containers placed in the internal parking.
20 - CANCELLATION: the booked period shall be entirely paid (art. 7 of the International Regulation of the Hotelerie). – The renting time is weekly and, more precisely, goes from Saturday to Saturday. Accommodations can be occupied after 5pm on the arrival date and shall be left by 10 am on the date of departure. The Village Management advises Guests that, because of organizational reasons, CANNOT guarantee the renting of a specific apartment but only one fitting the needs and requirements specified at the time of the booking. However, it guarantees that, when possible, customers’ requests will be satisfied.
21 - The entry to the village entails the acceptance and full compliance of these "RULES" which may also separately contain further norms the Management will consider suitable for a better running of the Village.

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